Why Nigeria Must Save Hillary Clinton By Pius Adesanmi

imageEmailgate is sinking the Hillary ship. It is now looking like Africa must at least stop treating the remote possibility of a President Trump like a beer parlour joke.
With the American electorate, it could happen. After driving Russia and China away from planet earth and ordering Germany to rebuild Ukraine, President Trump will then dip his hands into the vault of the National Bank of Mexico to pay for his Wall and drive all the Mexicans away. Then he will create a great labour shortage that could threaten Walmart, orange and tomato farms, and deprive Hollywood of domestic staff.
This is where it could get tricky for Africa. The last time there was a shortage of cheap labour around here…
This is why Nigeria must lead Africa to save Hillary. Her campaign is clueless. They don’t know jack about making her untouchable. Here is how Nigerian – Americans can help with strategies from their own homeland:
1. Depending on which European tribe Hillary comes from, you start screaming tribalism and holding every other European American tribe responsible for “our daughter’s ” travails. If she is of the Irish-American tribe, those envious German- Americans, Italian -Americans, Jewish – Americans, etc, are very wicked. It’s all tribalism. They are behind this. Be ready with a long list of Irish Americans who have suffered from the incurable tribalism of other European tribes.
2. Because Hillary is a Christian, start a campaign blaming American Moslems for her plight. Identify any Moslem -sounding names involved in the investigation and make a lot of noise.
3. Get women’s groups to claim that Hillary is being harassed because she is a woman.
4. Get New Yorkers to claim that this is the handiwork of Americans from the deep south because of their pathological hatred of the north.
5. Get protesters to march daily on Congress waiving “Leaf Ilary Haylone” banners. We will correct the spelling later.
6. Get the Archbishop of New York, the Chief Imam of Philadelphia, and the Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas, together in a Committee for National Harmony and get them to appeal to President Obama to sign an executive order stopping the investigation in order to move the country forward, seeing that the said investigation is “heating the polity”.
Repeat steps 1 – 6 until the investigation is brushed under the carpet.

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