Why Ogun SDP Did Not Live Up To Expectation By Wale Adedayo

imageThe Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Ogun State did not live up to the billing expected of a political party that has another life after the 2015 elections. It would have done so IF the Dr. Olusegun Mimiko’s template before his election and re-election was followed. The Labour Party in Ondo State benefited immensely from that. And it was due to who Iroko was before he became governor along with the organisation he put in place.
Clearly, and factually, the SDP in Ogun State did not follow this path. It was the path of the late Alhaji Ganiyu Olawale Dawodu of the Progressive Action Congress in 2003 Lagos State that Ogun State SDP followed. And, it did not start with preparations for the 2015 elections. The Aremo Olusegun Osoba-led SDP problems began in late 2011 with the timid responses to the ACN’s intra-party crisis. G.O.D. was pushed out of AD along with those loyal to him. The old man had impeccable pedigree. And was among few Chief Obafemi Awolowo followers who the late sage respected a lot despite the enormous difference in their ages. But using old tactics to confront modern challenges gave him a bloodied nose. He lost, and very woefully too.
Osoba was pushed out of ACN/APC and maligned along with his followers using the tactics deployed against G.O.D. Unfortunately, like G.O.D the old man’s response along with those in his inner circle was EXACTLY like that of the former god of Lagos politics. It failed. And woefully too, as could be seen from the results released so far by INEC. The political future of those who followed this tactic of responding like G.O.D is certainly gloomy. It is left for those taking decisions at that level to now look before they leap.
For the records, I am always of the belief that MONEY is not the first law of electoral victory. The first and the most important is PUBLIC OPINION. And, that is why I believe that it was not money that failed Ogun State SDP in the just-concluded National Assembly elections. Public Opinion did. The voting public did not align itself with the SDP or its candidates who lost. A political party may not be loved by the people. But its candidate could be a darling of the electorate, making it to win. An unpopular candidate could also win IF his/her party is popular. The court of Public Opinion condemned SDP and its candidates in Saturday’s elections. Of course, Noam Chomsky and others have enlightened us on how Public Opinion can be engineered to favour persons, groups or political parties. I am aware the SDP did poorly in engineering Public Opinion. Both the APC and PDP did very well in that area.
To win an election, Public Opinion, Campaign Structure and Finance, in that order, remain the key ingredients. SDP, to me, especially at the top concentrated more on Finance than the two most important elements in this day and age when young voters are much more exposed than before.

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