Why Ondo Speaker Should Be Blamed For Swearing In The Two Impostor Lawmakers

Jumoke Akindele
Jumoke Akindele
When I wrote that the Speaker of Ondo State House of Assembly, Hon. Jumoke Akindele, acted with impunity when she swore in the two legislators from Ilaje constituencies 1 and 11 without valid INEC certificate of return, some folks said I was being unnecessarily critical of the Speaker.
For record purposes, a legislator can only be sworn in upon tendering his certificate of return duly given by INEC. It’s the responsibility of the Clerk of the house to verify the authenticity of each certificate of return.
Abayomi Akinruntan and Malachi Coker, both of the PDP, presented fake certificates of return to the house and they were both sworn in.
Why do I have to blame the Speaker? She’s a lawyer and she read it in the news that the two legislators had their certificates of return withdrawn by INEC upon finding out that their elections were inconclusive.
So if the Speaker was not up to anything dishonorable with top forces in the state, she should have done her own background check to know that she should not have sworn the two legislators in. She did because they are her party members and she must have acted on the instruction of Governor Mimiko.
Come to think of it, if those guys were from APC, she would not have sworn them in, claiming they possess fake certificates of return.
Good Police High Command, Abuja, has invited the two legislators for questioning, and if possible, for criminal prosecution, if found wanting. INEC has repeatedly denied ever issuing them any certificate of return.
Why do people dwell in impunity and illegality? People who are supposed to act with honour? Too bad!

By Dayo Williams

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