Woman Commits Suicide After Delivering Twins For Secret Lover

imageA 38-year-old housewife, impregnated by her married secret lover committed suicide after she gave birth to twins in Lagos State, western Nigeria.

P.M.NEWS had earlier reported that Mrs Joy Bakare died at Aya-Oye street, Ejigbo, Lagos where her secret lover identified as Fatai Rafiu kept her in a flat occupied by a single mother after she became pregnant for him.

The cause of her death was not known until a suicide note was found recently in the room she occupied within the flat.

In the note, the late Joy expressed her disappointment and frustration after she became pregnant and delivered the babies.

She stated that she was abandoned by her lover after she became pregnant and delivered the twins.

It was learnt that she complained to neighbours that she had hoped Rafiu would marry her after she left her husband.

But that did not happen as she later discovered that Rafiu was married and had children, and he could not rent an apartment for her when she became pregnant and had the babies.

The late Mrs Joy Bakare reportedly left her matrimonial home after Rafiu impregnated her.

It was gathered that she already had three children from her estranged husband who resides in Sururere area before she became pregnant for Rafiu who resides at Abaranje in Ikotun area.

Rafiu did not reveal his relationship with Joy to his wife until the incident happened last Monday.

To cover the shame after the late Joy became pregnant for him, Rafiu took her to the flat of the single mother where she eventually delivered the twins, a boy and a girl.

A few days after she delivered the babies in a hospital and was brought back to the woman’s flat, she was found dead on top of a bed in one of the rooms in the flat, foaming from her mouth.

On the day of the incident, the woman who harboured her in the flat heard the babies crying and she went to Joy’s room to find out what was happening only to discover that Joy was dead.

She raised alarm which attracted neighbours who rushed to the flat.

She then contacted Rafiu who later went to the place but refused to take responsibility for Joy’s burial.

Rafiu explained that he did not marry her as his wife and as such he would not accept the corpse for burial even though he was the owner of the twins.

As neither her husband nor Rafiu accepted the corpse for burial, Joy’s elder sister was contacted and she went and took the corpse to Isolo General Hospital mortuary.

The twin babies were handed over to Rafiu who took them to his house at Ikotun where his wife eventually knew about the adultery mess by her husband.

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