Yemi Osinbajo: When Prophesy Becomes An Albatross

By Santos Akinloye

Sometime in 2013 in the town of Brakpan, South Africa, a certain man of God from House of Revival Church prophesied that Prof Yemisi Osinbajo will be Vice President of Nigeria. And, in May 2015, the prediction which was ostensibly uttered under divine inspiration was fulfilled.

And, about the same time, another prophetic declaration was made by the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Pastor Enoch Adeboye that there would be Vice President and President in the church. The fulfillment also happened with the emergence of the professor of law as the Vice President of Nigeria.

However, prophecies that are meant to give ascendancy, opportunity, privilege and prerogative into the knowledge of the future, supposedly obtained from a divine source had unbelievably turned into liability and impediment which aversely obstructed Prof Osinbajo’s viewpoint and the grasp understanding of the moment.

Invariably, the Vice President, who is a pastor must have had it at hindsight that God’s promises are always completely fulfilled. And that is the plain truth. However, he became entangled in the web of this divination. The reason? From nowhere, he emerged as the vice president of Nigeria, and he must have vehemently believed that God, the Almighty will complete the task – by taking him to the exalted position of the President.
But, the prophecy is already fulfilled! Pastor Osinbajo, who is also a professor of law, failed to realized or recognized that the prophesies made had already come to pass. He couldn’t comprehend the theological workings, the content lines and the spiritual view base as regarding the understanding and the symbolic interpretation of the prophetic messages.

In the first three years of President Buhari administration, Professor Yemisi Osinbajo acted as the President of Nigeria on three occasions. He fully discharged the functions of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as empowered by the constitution.

It was this power that he excised when he terminated the appointment of the former Director General of the Department of the State Security (DSS) Malam Lawal Daura. So, in symbolic narrative, Prof Osinbajo was the president of Nigeria at one time.

Nonetheless, he still got himself caught in the framework of the prognostication that he will be the President of Nigeria. Believing that the prophecy is yet to be fulfilled (Like the Jews still waiting for the Messiah – When He had already come and gone)

Prof Osinbajo further became deeply enmeshed in the prophetic web, to the extent that he lost his sense of gratitude and even tried to fool himself, when he hosted the State House Corps to Ifta (breaking of fast during Ramadan) at his residence in the villa and audaciously re-write the story of his nomination as the vice president. He unjustly created a flip side to a sacred fact that is known to all and sundry. But, unknown to him, he lost the trust and the sympathy of the A-list politicos and the power brokers in the country on that day. They begin to ask questions: Can we trust Osinbajo?

As the collegiate day draws near, the professor of law still remain lost on the turf of the prophetic declarations and he waited endlessly for the anointing oil from his boss, President Buhari, whom he had served with all sense of loyalty and dedication. But, the anointing oil was no where to be found. Its gone!

Even, when some notable and powerful Yoruba monarchs, leaders and business barons (who have seen that the anointing oil is no longer available) appealed to him on the eve of the APC primary to stepped down, he refused bluntly. How would it have been if he had acceded to the request of these men? But, he obliviously turned prophecy into his political albatross. What-a-pity!

Presidential race is a marathon. You cannot begin to practice few days to the tournament and hoping that any form of divination will crown your wish.

In this kind of race, you must start on time – to build bridges, strengthen your networks, relates with sound minds with high octane strategic astute and not the ones that already have their souls filled with hatred – Those who have bound themselves under a curse that they will not drink or eat until their benefactor is killed. These kind of strategists and advisers will only take you to the Golgotha.

For the future, he must remember to always dutifully and comprehensively digest the attendant intricacies of any form of divination.

I believe that lessons must have been learnt. I wish him good luck in his future aspirations. He definitely put up a good fight.

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