Yuguda In A Secret Meeting With APC Governor Elect In Saudia Arabia

imageThe odorous incestuous relationship existing between the outgoing Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] governor of Bauchi State, Malam Isa Yuguda and the incoming All Progressive Congress [APC] governor-elect, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar – as uncovered by a recent publication of 247ureports.com titled Bauchi Govt Pays Bauchi Governor-Elect 565million appears to have been a mere scratch on the surface of the unfolding rot within the Bauchi administrative circles. This is as further investigation gathered that the Governor-Elect and the Governor of Bauchi State has opened secret talks outside the shores of Nigeria.

According to an impeccable source, the governor-elect of Bauchi State after having collected the reported amount of money from the Bauchi State government – along with a collection of sport utility vehicles [SUVs], jetted out to Saudi Arabia under the pretense of travelling for lesser hajj. While at Saudi Arabia he was joined by a representative of Governor Yuguda – the elder brother to the current Secretary to the State Government [SSG] – Alhaji Sanusi Maijama’a – who is to speak and/or negotiate with the governor elect on behalf of the Governor.

Alhaji Sanusi Maijama’a, according to sources in Bauchi State, is a widely known notorious personality who yields enormous influence within the administrative circles in Bauchi – but has no official position or title in the government structure of Bauchi State. He is said to have chaired a small business forum at one time in his professional career – where he illegally collected a loan of N25million and refused to pay till date. The Governor, Yuguda, was unable or unwillingly to force him to repay the loan. Sanusi Maijama’a is also the sole person responsible for arraigning all government events – ceremonies, parties, etc -. All monies all released to him with or without due process. He steadily hangs around the governor’s office as his fulltime work. He is considered by some – as “Yuguda’s garbage disposal man”.

Our source notes that it is not surprising that Yuguda tapped on his garbage disposal man to meet with the incoming governor in Saudi Arabia for highly sensitive talks. The talk is reported to have to do with seeking a ‘soft landing’ for the outgoing governor – who is widely believed to have mismanaged the resources of the state callously without due regard to the destitute and peasants that liter the rural communities of Bauchi State. Largely, the talk is aimed at seeking help from the governor-elect to plug potential holes that may lead to a public exposure of corruption – against an anticipated probe by the incoming Buhari administration.

A competent source who claims to have the details of the discussion briefed 247ureports.com that the governor-elect is game. “He is very willing to play ball”. But the recent publication exposing that he was given N565million by the Bauchi government is said to have unsettled him. He indicated that the governor-elect demanded that the involved parties react immediately to the claim – else he withdraws from the entire deal. “He was furious as to who leaked the information to the media”.

To this effect, the secretary to the transition committee, Dr. Aliyu Tilde immediately penned a lengthy rejoinder stating in summary that they received money from the State government – and that it was paid into his private account – and that he was given cash. Also, the spokesman of the Bauchi State APC, drafted rejoinder also agreeing that money was remitted to the transition committee. He did not mention the amount that was given to them. He stated that only the government can say the exact amount. The chief press secretary [CPS] to the Bauchi State Governor also penned two rejoinders. One was placed as a full page advertorial on the Friday May 15, 2015 Daily Trust Newspaper while the other was a mere press release. In the response, the CPS managed to repeat that monies were paid to the transition committee and that it was customary – in the paid advertorial. But the first press release which came a day before the advertorial denied that monies were paid.

Interestingly, the rejoinders which seem hurriedly put together failed to answer why the money was disbursed in cash? And why it was paid into the private bank account of a private citizen?

In talking with the secretary to the transition committee, Dr. Tilde, he confirmed that the money was paid to him in cash – and he deposited it into his personal account.

In talking with the Bauchi State government, it was confirmed through the CPS that the government disbursed the said money in cash to Dr. Tilde – and that other items were released to the transition committee. When questioned as to why they contravened the Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] laws governing epayments and cash transactions, the CPS replied “and so what”.

Most strikingly is that the governor-elect has chosen to remain mute. He has also not refuted the claim of his collecting the lion share of the N565m. and of the direct payment of N65million into his account for travels from Bauchi to Kano and back to Abuja. None of the three rejoinders from the involved parties denied monies were paid directly to the governor-elect.

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