22yrs Old Lady-Volunteer Leads Buhari Street Campaign In Lagos

imageLola Oguntade is a 22 years old girl from Lagos, who is very passionate about the Presidential Candidate of All Progressives Congress, APC, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

Since the emergence of Buhari, Lola has been leading many youths in streets campaign to canvas support for Buhari/Osinbajo.

When she was cornered in Lagos, in one of her usual street campaign for Buhari; here is what she said,

“In the past, i was not politically inclined, in fact I detested politicians; but it got to a time during this GEJ regime, when the future of Nigerian youths is becoming bleaker day by day, yet our president could do nothing but keep promising without improvement. Insecurity in the north, poverty everywhere, no power, unemployment, corruption not a crime… haba, i had no choice than to join whoever that want to bring a sincere change to my dear country, Nigeria. I was not born in the era of Buhari, but everybody keep on saying he is incorruptible, honest and no-nonsense man, reason am supporting him”
When quizzed if she was being sponsored, considering her political activities, she said;

“Nobody is sponsoring us, the ‘propeller’ in us is our passion and desire for change from the mess in the country right now. All we are doing is self help. We thought of how we can contribute our little quota to bring about change in Nigeria. We contribute and solicit for help from non-politician in our domain. For instance, this tricycle, (keke Marwa) is given to us free of charge by the owner to use today. Change is all we want.” she stated

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