5 Reasons Fani Kayode Will Be A Huge Liability To Jonathan’s Re-election Campaign Publicity By Ikem Okuhu

imageThe last time I checked Femi Fani Kayode [FFK] on Wikipedia, he was listed as an APC member. But today, the online free-content encyclopedia listed him as a member of the ruling PDP. For me, David Oluwafemi Adewunmi Abdulateef Fani-Kayode, a Nigerian politician, essayist, poet and lawyer is a dangerous loose cannon that should not be trusted with any responsibility.

My sympathy goes to President Goodluck Jonathan as he inaugurates his campaign committee, of which FFK has been appointed the spokesperson. Though I learnt from an authoritative source that the president was not well disposed to FFK’s choice, but the damage has already been done.

Follow me as I highlight five reasons FFK will be a huge liability to President Jonathan’s re-election campaign publicity.

FFK has no integrity: FFK is a man to whom integrity means nothing. He spits and licks the saliva back with his tongue. If my strong words did not sit well with you, kindly Google his recent essays on President Jonathan.

FFK is shameless: When I was young, my father warned me never to admire a shameless man. He said a shameless man will steal, kill, maim and even beat his spouse anywhere. For me it is embarrassing that, having written and insulted PDP and Jonathan, FFK has been given the responsibility to now sing for the man he had demeaned and debased. What a shame.

In one of his essays, he described President Jonathan as a weak and uninspiring Commander-in-Chief. He suggested twelve things Jonathan must do if Nigeria must be saved. Some of them are, he has to resign as President forthwith and undertake to stay out of Nigerian politics for the next ten years and confine himself to fishing in Otuoke. When did this change?

FFK is petty: Did you follow his controversy with women that once warmed his bed in his undergraduate years in London? FKK is as petty as pettiness itself.

FFK is a self-appointed Yoruba iridentist: If President Jonathan is only looking for Yoruba votes, may be FFK’s choice would have been a masterstroke because FFK has made himself a defender of Yoruba superiority over other tribes in the country. He abuses all other tribes at will. How this man is expected to swing Ibo, Hausa and Ibibio votes for GEJ beats my imagination.

FFK is tarnished: Forget about the reprieve FFK got from the courts over his alleged money laundering case, FFK is tarnished in the court of public opinions.

By Ikem Okuhu
Via Sisicalabar.com

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