‘Bala Mohammed Is Responsible For Jamila Tangaza’s Disappearance – EFCC

A counsel to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) today told an FCT High Court that even while in custody former Minister of the FCT, Bala Mohammed influenced the disappearance of the EFCC’s star witness against him.

While making submission in an application filed by Mohammed accusing EFCC of violating his fundamental human rights, counsel to EFCC, Rimamsomte Ezekiel told the court that EFCC has acted within the confines of law by detaining Mohammed after securing remand orders against him.

Mohammed, a former minister under former President Goodluck Jonathan has been in the custody of the EFCC since Oct. 25 following petitions against him from the public.

During hearing of the violation of fundamental human rights motion filed by the former Minister, counsel to EFCC told the court that releasing the applicant might jeopardise the ongoing investigation of the EFCC.

He said even while still in custody the applicant influenced the disappearance of one Jamila Tangaza who is the star witness against him.

“Tangaza being a Director during the applicant’s administration as FCT Minister knew so much and had revealed so much information to EFCC during her interrogation only for her to suddenly disappear after visiting the applicant in EFCC’s custody”, he said.

He said six exhibits were attached to their counter affidavit of 36 paragraphs. “One is an application dated 24/10/2016 asking the Court to remand the applicant (Mohammed) in the custody of EFCC which was granted on 09/11/2016 and expired on 23/11/2016.”

Chris Uche (SAN) who filed the application on behalf of Mohammed told the court that for EFCC to say a suspect (Tangaza) they granted administrative bail disappeared because his client told her to do so is unbelievable.

He submitted that EFCC ought to hold Tangaza’s sureties responsible for her disappearance and not try to pin it on his client.


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