Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Appear In First Film Together In 10 years

imageOne of Hollywood’s greatest power couples is at it again. A decade after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell in love while starring in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” they’re lighting up the big screen in a new film.

In “By the Sea,” Pitt and Jolie star as a husband-and-wife duo, whose marriage struggles are documented. In real life, the couple are just celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

The trailer, which hit the Web Thursday, shows a picturesque Mediterranean-style hotel where the couple’s characters battle a failing marriage. With Jolie seen crying and turning to cigarettes and pills, and Pitt apparently drinking on multiple occasions, tension runs high in the sure-to-be emotional film.

While Jolie acted in the film, she also served as director, which meant Pitt had to play by her rules. The couple filmed the movie in Malta and reportedly took along their jet-setting six children.

Unlike with “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” it looks like “By the Sea” will have no room for the couple’s steamy romance translating to screen … or will it? We’ll have to wait until November 13, when the movie hits theaters to find out.

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