Buhari Vs Buhari: Slander! Women Are Their Own Enemies, By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

No one knows what is happening in a marriage except the two people involved. That Aisha Buhari gave that interview is very telling and I have written on that twice. In the last 24 hours I have heard a lot. I don’t belong to the category that are paid to post on Facebook. I don’t belong to the category that wants to ingratiate themselves to the government and seek power at all cost. I am happy with my station in life and I don’t aspire to riches. I have some level of comfort and that is enough. It is sad when women attack other women for no just cause. Those who attack or sub me are not worth a second look. I don’t give a damn!

So many people forwarded me, slanderous information being circulated about Aisha Buhari on WhatsApp and women are behind it – they appended their names. That really gets my goat. What are they doing this? Because the woman spoke out, about her frustrations and fears for her husband’s legacy? How many of these women slandering Aisha knows what a marriage is? It is unfortunate that women never learn. They build power from the top and it crumbles like a sand castle, while men build power from the bottom up. Why fight dirty like this. Why are you allowing them to use your hand to catch serpent? Slander is the “baddest” of all when you try destroying a person and guess what? Your recompense will come.

Why do you think many people up North are calling on Mamman Daura to leave Aso villa. On VOA Hausa this morning it is the same story. People are fed up. You can prop them up because of your disdain for whoever and because you want Buhari to fail. Continue your blackmail. What is your own if Aisha does not share Buhari’s bed? How many 74 year old still have sex? How many men with prostrate issues can have sex? After many years of marriage, is sex the issue or companionship? Dirty minds! You are happy that some libidinous clowns are planning another woman for a 74 year old? It is so unthinking and absurd! When I heard that last night, I missed a step on the stairs and nearly fell down laughing. You guys are S.I.C.K!!! That such wackaloons and madcaps are near power makes my stomach churn. Allah Kyauta o!

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