FACEBOOK. ..The Domain of Headliners and Flatliners, By Ivor Ekpe

imageIt is a certified fact that most Nigerians do not and cannot read and understand beyond Headlines.
It makes for a congregation of ‘supporters’ irrespective of the Headlines or Backstory. There will always an appreciative crowd.
HOWEVER we have learnt that most discussions lack merit or substance due to the deluge of one-sentence, one-word, one-common-expression contributions.
Very entertaining for many and amusing YET ‘revealing’ for others.
Through the pre-Elections period and still ongoing are ‘News’ headlines tapping into the boredom of most Facebook users.
The Collective is just as amusing when one elects to scroll through the list of those tagged.
A coven of Victims and the Victimised. A Mutual Masturbation Society with chapters virtual and real all over the world.
President Buhari’s recent visit to the USA is a case in point.
Depending on which side of the fence one sat, it was both an encouraging trip or an utter PR disaster.
Only 33 members of the delegation? No Ministers? No Business Executives?
IMF Loan to rebuild the North-East when Nigeria’s Debt Profile is already ugly? THEN ‘Buhari returns empty-handed! Yepa! “.
Apache Helicopters to battle the Insurgency in the North, IMMEDIATELY followed by Refusal of America to sell weapons to Nigeria.
I am worried that discussions, if one can dare call them that, have not thrown up the question of why the President did not travel with his wife. I dare speculate that he does not like women.
Even Olisa Metuh is a ‘Victim’. His party members are apparently being treated as ‘Criminals’ by the President…. OK… I shall pause there briefly to let you have your chuckle.
With the raft of denials and counter-headlines the desperate need for immediate gratification means NOBODY is going to bother to check or confirm.
Chances are that most will look incredibly stupid when the REAL story emerges. Are they even capable of feeling so?
In the meantime the Headlines, political or otherwise, continue with the ‘Victims’ and the ‘Marginalised’ getting their sympathetic audience as the world continues its journey rotating on its axis until the next screaming or sobbing update announcing yet again how bad the World has been to them.
The slow clapping at Sea World for the trained Seals continues unabated.
The Mongrels are Winning.
Have You been ‘Victimised’ lately? What’s your Headline for today?

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