Iku to Pa Ojugba Eni… By Pius Adesanmi

(Newsflash – EFCC arrests President Jonathan’s cousin over $40 million contract scam.)

Baba Ibadan good morning. E ka’aro sir

Good morning my son.

Baba Ibadan, I heard that your neighbour died. Sorry o.

That is what we saw o, my son.

Baba Ibadan, what killed your neighbour?


Baba Ibadan, what is the death that killed your neighbour doing?

Don’t mind that death my son. It is talking to me in proverbs. The death that kills one’s neighbour is speaking to one in proverbs but I have ajesara alias African insurance.

Baba Ibadan, you need more than ajesara o.

Really, what else do I need?

You need anointing Baba Ibadan.

Where can I get this anointing my son?

Go and see Pastor Suleiman. He will command the death that is speaking to you in proverbs to die. Death dies at his command.

O kare omo mi! Thank you very much.

Don’t mention, Baba Ibadan. Ki la wa fun ra wa fun sir?

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