I’m First Lady Because I’m Educated -Patience Jonathan

imagePatience Jonathan, wife of Nigeria’s president, has advised Nigerian youths not to undermine the importance of education, saying without education, she would not have become the first lady of the country. Speaking at the rally of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo state, she accused Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), of “not carrying the women along” when he was head of state – unlike President Goodluck Jonathan “who has empowered women”. “Majority of the people of Ondo are educated and I believe you know the importance of education because without education there is no future,” she said. “Our children are our hope and that’s why Goodluck Jonathan said the children should be made to be the leaders of today. We should thank God for the administration of Goodluck and PDP. “If somebody is talking and you are not educated, can you be there? If Hilary Clinton is talking and you are not educated, can you be there? As Mimiko (governor of Ondo) is there, without education can he be there? “As I am standing before you, if I am not educated, will they choose me? That is why the PDP government takes education very important.” She appealed to the women to vote for the ruling party in the general election. “I have come to beg you for your votes. I am begging you because this Saturday is close. Please support PDP. Nigerian women come out en masse. PDP has done well for Nigerian women. “Vote for PDP all the way. I want to tell you the women of Nigeria that Goodluck means well for you. He cares about you. “Not like the other people. When he was there before as head of state, he did not remember us. But Goodluck remembered us. Nigeria women, I will never disappoint you. I will never leave you. Please Saturday is here. Vote for your party.”

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