John Fashanu, Abigail Igwe divorce mess (1) : ‘Our Marriage Was A Sham…We Only Lived Together For Three Months’ – John Fashanu

imageTHE fairy tale romance of John Fashanu, 52, and Abigail Igwe, 48 – which provided both another chance at matrimony ballooned and blew up in their faces…with both hauling gasp-inducing accusations at each other.

The relationship which kicked off in 2009, with marriage in 2011, collapsed in April 2014 finally – and divorce was initiated in September 2014.

From unbelievable ‘sexcapades’ to allegations of fraud, both will wash their dirty linens in the law courts (Federal Capital Territory, Abuja) from next month.

While soccer star and ambassador of sports and tourism is accusing his wife of stealing about N1 million, and being a lesbian, Adaeze Yobo’s mother is alleging that he’s a sex fiend who slept with her maid and engaged in threesome, apart from being dubious and fraudulent…

ONCE the story of John Fashanu and Abigail Igwe divorce mess was broken on Sunday, April 26, 2015 morning, we contacted the former international soccer star in the evening.

And he confirmed that he’s indeed separated from his wife, and that he has filed for divorce.

At 5:48 p.m, Fashanu spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly for over 30 minutes about why he decided to leave his wife of four years.

Mind boggling allegations were revealed by the famous hunk…

She’s a chameleon

She’s a chameleon, and she changed her colour. Living with her was like living with the leader of Boko Haram.

She was very violent – and I have two police reports in three years.

There was a time she came to my house to fight me, and I’ve three stitches in my hand. I’ve never raised my hand against any woman. But when she came I had to defend myself. Held her to stop attacking me.

She stole N1 million from my safe

There was a time I travelled to Colombia with Pastor T. B. Joshua, and she attacked my house. She came and broke into my safe, and stole N1 million. She’s the only one that knows the combination of the safe. She beat up my cook, stripped her naked.

I learnt she came with about eight people, and police arrested all of them. They were taken to the police station.

On two occasions, police invited her. On July 6, 2012 and August 16, 2014.

Her pastor said she’s possessed

I persevered to stay in a marriage.

Her pastor told me she was possessed. That I should fear for my life.

We only lived together for three or four months

We only lived together for three or four months.

Every day, there was one accusation or the other. Her desire for money was too much.

There are wonderful Igbo women, but her case was different. She was only after money, money, money.

She saw in me a vehicle for money. Every day there was one issue or the other.

I had to rent her a two-bedroom apartment in Abuja.

We separated, we were not around each other after a few months.

There was accusation after accusation.

She told me she caught her last husband sleeping with her maid. That she would ruin me and spin the same story.

I never slept with her maid nor had a threesome

We never had a cook, we had a cleaner. So, how could she accuse me of sleeping with the maid?

Her accusation of catching me in a threesome is absolute rubbish. How would I be in her house and be having sex with other people?

Where did she see me? That is garbage. The accusation is an after-thought. Her rudeness and violence are unbearable.

She’s a lesbian, slept with her spiritual partner

She was the one sleeping with her spiritual partner. I caught them a few times.

But I thought I should give her room to change. I was living in her house – a two-bedroom house.

I moved into a 20-bedroom house

I moved into ‘Sun City’ (Abuja) in a 20-bedroom house. And she was stalking me, coming to my house.

My camera caught her trying to sneak into my house.

Why l didn’t want a divorce initially

Why I didn’t seek divorce initially was a combination of things. I thought I could make the marriage work.

She has emotional and spiritual problems. I thought it could be resolved. She always claimed she’s the daughter of Zion.

She never used Fashanu

She refused to use ‘Fashanu’, she never was addressed as ‘Mrs. Fashanu.’ ‘Igwe’ is her last husband’s name and that’s what she’s known as. Onyekwelu is her maiden name.

She’s a jobless woman without an office

I still bought her a car few months ago. But the violence became unbearable.

She never had a job. She has no office – and she claims she’s a lawyer.

Her accusations are rubbish. Why didn’t she divorce me based on all these her allegations?

Mine was her third marriage

She has been married thrice (mine was her third marriage). And she’s 53 year-old, not 48.

We are from different planets. I can never accept a rude woman who abuses people. She insults people too much.

And she’s always asking for money.

Our marriage was a sham

I filed for divorce about six months ago. I thought she would change, that’s why I didn’t file earlier.

She’s happy living in a two-bedroom house. I paid the last rent of N2.5 million. And she moved in there with her girlfriend.

Our marriage was a sham. She refused to cook for me and my friends.

On the outside, she’s beautiful. But inside, she’s very violent. She had a fight in church.

I’m a man of peace. I’ve been a UN ambassador for 15 years.

Anytime she came to the house, she quarrelled with whoever she saw with me.

So, I had to put my foot down. She insulted the guests she saw with me.

This is my second marriage, and her third.

The reason my first marriage crashed was because I wanted to come home (to Nigeria), and my ex-wife said she preferred London. After some years, we parted. We are still best friends.

I’ve three children, not five. Abigail’s was my second marriage. She was always asking for money. She had no income.

I wish her well

I hope she goes on to have a good life. I hope there are some Boko Haram members that can marry her.

She once attacked her son with a broken bottle. She attacked me with a sword and broken bottle. There are police pictures.

But I withdrew the cases. I withdrew one on July 24, 2012 and another one on October 12, 2012, at Garki Police Station.

She never caught me with any woman

When you have issues with most women, they accuse you of cheating.

She never caught me with a woman. We never even lived together, we only lived together for a few months in our marriage. Out of the three years we were married, after three months I ran. I ran.

I want her to move on.

I have no regrets

I don’t have any regrets. It has been an experience. Not all Igbo women are like her. She was always asking for money. Everything about her was money.

She was always asking my senator friends for money.

She fought in the church last year

Last year, she fought in a church. The disgrace was unbearable. She was fighting and rolling on the floor. She refused to have her bag searched.

The violence in her words and action are unbearable.

I’ve four different black belts in martial arts but I can never raise my hand against a woman.

I respect women. I never would fight back. Even when she attacked me…

Source: ENCOMIUM Weekly

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