Lagos Governorship Race: Gbadamosi Is The Best of Them All – ADP

Lagos State Chapter has hailed its governorship candidate, Mr Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi (BOG) for performing exceptionally well at the Platform governorship debate.

The party stated that Gbadamosi has no match among the other candidates of the other political parties.

Gbadamosi’s exceptional brilliance came to the fore at the governorship debate, organized by the Convenant Christian Center on Sunday in Lagos. His responses to the problems facing Lagos was greeted with positive commendations across the social media.

He was rated as the overall best by an online news portal “Premium Times” and others, all the fact check done for his arguments at the debate were all correct according to the BudgITng.

The party said, if you look at the mood of Lagosians who watched and heard of Gbadamosi’s performance at the Debate, they have realized and discovered that, only the ADP is prepared to serve the people of Lagos State because it’s governorship candidate is ready to give power back to them through what it termed as *”Beyond Ordinary Governance”*.

According to the ADP, Gbadamosi, knows the problems militating against the state, and the solutions to them.

ADP calls on Lagosians to take the golden opportunity that has presented itself to take back Lagos and own it by electing a “People’s Governor.” The party said Gbadamosi is highly qualified to govern and make life better for all categories of people in Lagos.

In the same vein, ADP appeals to INEC and other stakeholders taking critical roles in the conduct of the forthcoming elections to conduct free, fair and credible polls that will reflect the true wishes and yearning of Lagosians.

Lagosians want a governor who will be answerable to them, and our party has presented the most qualified candidate who will surely win the election.

ADP stressed further that, Gbadamosi has presented a “Lagos Regeneration Plan”, which bothers on mass housing, education, security, traffic management, wealth creation, power, rail, water and road networks, healthcare, better remuneration package for civil servants, supports open governance initiative amongst many others.

According to the party’s spokesman for Lagos, Prince Adelaja Adeoye, Gbadamosi is a man who matches his words with actions. Adeoye assured Gbadamosi would lift millions of people out of poverty by creating a healthy business environment that will allow young entrepreneurs to grow by providing them with business grants and others who want to earn their legitimate living.

ADP tasks Lagosians to be ready to elect a new governor in Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi and it’s other candidates going for Senate, House of Representatives and Assembly.

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