Nigerian Designer, Emeka Oparah, Explores Ghana Market

Nigerian fashion designer, Emeka Oparah, has expressed willingness to establish a Ghanaian offshoot of his fashion label Ethelberts Clothing in the country to serve the needs of the Ghanaian market.
Emeka Oparah who is in Ghana to promote his clothing label, which caters for some notable personalities and business executives, observed that Nigerian and Ghanaian nationals have a love for well-tailored clothes that enhance their personality and style in a personalised and cost-effective way.
He remarked about the considerable sense of fashion that exists between Ghanaian and Nigerian men.
“I’ve been coming to Ghana since 1994 and I can tell how similar Nigerian and Ghanaian styles are. I believed that as a thriving fashion business in Nigeria, it is only right that I come to Ghana and explore the market,” he said.
Emeka Oparah, a corporate communications expert with over 25 years said after practising fashion designing as a hobby for many years, he decided to turn his passion into a business that will not only help others look good but also help promote the concept of Dress Nigerian.
Emeka told Showbiz that from his time in Ghana, he has come to appreciate Ghanaian tailors and designers as artisans he has come across and he hopes to recruit a number of them for his company in Nigeria.
“Ghanaians are some of the artisans you can find anywhere in the world. They are very committed, dedicated and classy in finishing. Two months ago, I was in Ghana to scout for tailors I can take back to Nigeria,” he said.
Emeka said despite the very competitive Ghanaian market, he believes his business has what it takes to make an impact and carve a niche for himself.
“We began as a small factory but we have grown to the point where we are able to meet any challenge or quantity of orders. We have reached the point where we employ two shifts of workers and as such, we are more than capable of meeting every demand as it comes,” he said.

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