PDP Has Lost All Moral Grounds To Criticize APC

imageThe latest statement from the PDP, through its National Publicity Secretary, Mr Olisa Metuh, calling on APC to take responsibly for the crises in the House of Representatives’ smacks of a fne mix of confusion and selective amnesia in the PDP.

For one the PDP which wangled its way into the leadership of the Senate has lost all moral grounds to criticize the APC in a situation where it has as a party elected to share power by hook or crook.

Any vice which PDP tres to attribute to APC, must quickly be extended to a party that has not made up its mind whether to be the ruling party from minority position or to reorganse into t a credible opposition.

Those who participate n the conspiracy to keep the National Assembly destabilized for sinister political calculations should forget the idea of scoring any cheap political points on that count.

We restate our re-sounding confidence on the leadership of the APC, as to smoothly navigate around the thorns sown by the PDP n both chambers of the National Assembly, and trust that the solution which les ahead shall be an enduring one.

For All progressives Congress (APC),Anambra State

Arc Okelo Madukafe

State Publicity Secretary

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