PHOTO SPEAK: Obanikoro Caught Sleeping During FEC Valedictory Session At Aso Rock

imageThis is a picture of Senator Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro, the former Minister of State 11, Foreign Affairs, taken during the Federal Executive Council Valedictory Session on Wednesday.

Obanikoro, whose tenure as a junior minister was as long as the duration it takes to prepare Indomie Noodles, appears to be catching a nap here.

Perhaps, the task of preparing his hand-over notes, must have taken a toll on him.

Perhaps, he finds the Valedictory session boring…

Perhaps, he is ruminating on his role in government in the past years, either ignoble or otherwise…


However, on a closer look, it appears Obanikoro is not sleeping in the picture. From the shadow, shown behind him, the Lagos born politician seems to be avoiding the flash from the camera. Thus, he feels it is ‘safer’ to close his eyes, even if it will take some seconds.

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