Playing Victim: My Take On Linda Ikeji Baby Mama Drama, By Ena Ofugara

A 38 year old female chooses a very handsome rich dude, gets pregnant, beats biological clock, now has a handsome “billionaire son” to love and cherish for the rest of her life and is somehow a victim?

38 years old beautiful and intelligent female aware of abstinence, condom, and postinol “fell pregnant”

38 years old female preaching abstinence and no premarital sex (now denied) drives through two hours traffic to collect PENIS and even took her work computer to be close to the penis for more inspirational work

38 years old rich female that boasted she could BUY any man discovers that she cannot buy every man.

38 years old tall beauty queen does what every street girl does; tries to trap a man with pregnancy and hopes he marries her. Plot falls flat. Man accepts kid. Man will not be coaxed into marriage. Girl takes to social media. What is new? Nothing. Just another baby mama bringing drama. Old and stale.

38 years old entrepreneur knows the sexual partner hates publicity. She agrees to collect SECRET PENIS for 3 years. It never made her blog then. She gets pregnant and still keeps the secret in the hope of…..????

And when hope becomes hopeless, she drags him to social media, the one thing he abhors. Such a good considerate woman right?

Not that he denied the pregnancy.

She talks about personal stuff and how he chased her and how he became suddenly cruel after not letting her rest (even though she agrees she could find no one else) yet a man that had someone else and can find so many others is the one not letting her go. Okay.

Gentleman agrees to speak with your father when you get pregnant is niceness on his part not love. It is to cover your shame. If he wants to marry you, bride price is nothing for a billionaire Sholaye Jeremi. He was just being nice or pressured by you or what do you think?

The very one thing Linda says made Sholaye Jeremi not want to be with her is that publicity is bad for his business. And what does Linda Ikeji do??? She drags him to social media and do the very one thing he avoids. How very charitable of her.

And Linda knows he has a woman and baby in his life.

Surely she knows he has been a billionaire for years and that three bedroom he was taking her to was his guest house for “runs and okware and orukuruku” and such. She does not believe that is his real house does she? Come on! His other baby mama was at that house and he bought a new one from the guest house. He has been a billionaire for over ten years. Linda did not contribute to his life. She must stop making it sound like she met him poor or poorer. That’s his guest house for future baby mamas like Linda Ikeji.

38 years old beautiful Linda has a beautiful bouncing baby boy whose father is rich enough and will cater for him. Should that not be enough?

38 And those saying Linda is doing this to drive traffic to her page overestimate Linda Ikeji. She is human. This is just another woman scorned using her channel and resources to try to tarnish the image of her PENISer who refuses to keep PENISing or to take the PENISing to the NEXT LEVEL like Nigeria is refusing to follow Buhari to NEXT LEVEL. She is trying to be the rose and he the thorn

Luckily for this beautiful rich 38 years old woman, Sholaye Jeremi is too refined to do the drama with her. Or perhaps unluckily for her as she seems to want the drama.

Moral lesson: A woman, no matter how rich, beautiful and successful will always try to trap a man with pregnancy. Never believe her statements of “I will take care of the child. I do not need you”. It is a lie. If she is keeping the baby, there is a deep desire in her heart to keep the man too, even if she denies it.

38 years old Linda Ikeji is no victim. She plotted this and got half of her dream, a baby but not the man along

And YES. A private man can be with a popular woman and not compromise his privacy. Omotola Jelaide’s husband, Dolly Parton’s husband and many millionaires dating celebrities in Hollywood. Just because a man is PENISing a blogger does not mean the bloger should drag him to that blog. There is private life and public life. Owner of Enquirer never makes the Enquirer.

38 years old beautiful blogger is not the victim in this story.

Driving two hours through traffic to collect penis is well planned

Nobody “falls pregnant”, even though we know people slip and fall on BANANA peels and on peeled BANANA.

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