The First Thing I Learnt From Dr. David Oyedepo – Pastor Sam Adeyemi

imageThe first day I went to Canaanland, Ota to see Bishop David Oyedepo was a memorable one full of lessons. I had met him at the National Ecumenical Centre, Abuja where I first told him I wanted him to mentor me in ministry; because I needed the same grace of effortless accomplishments on his life and ministry.

He had his PA give me his complimentary card, then told me to come to his office at Canaanland, Ota. I was so excited that I couldnt wait for the Independence Day National Christain Service to end at the Ecumenical Centre so I could dash home and tell my wife about my encounter with the bishop.

On the appointed date, I went to Canaanland, Ota with my wife Nike to see the bishop. We waited for six hours and could not see him. There was a crowd of people also waiting. He is a thoroughly busy person, and he gives a good measure of time to each person that enters the office.

I was totally disappointed that day. I thought he would tell his orderlies and PA to bring me inside immediately once they saw me; because I was Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christain Center.

By 3pm, we were all told to go home and come at another appointed day; without as much as any explanation. Since I entered full time ministry, that was my first time of having to wait for an audience with someone; to wait for a full six hours!

I went home angry. I told myself I won’t go there again. “What sort of thing is this?” “How can I stay there and waste a whole day without seeing the bishop?” “Dont I have other things to do?” I kept fuming to myself at home. I couldnt calm down to piece together all that happened at Canaanland that day. For all I cared, the bishop knew I was coming that day to see him.
But my wife kept telling me to be patient so as to get what I want. Nike talked me into going back to canaanland for another wait for the bishop. I finally determined that I must see him, no matter the time it would take.

On the new date of appointment, I went again with my wife and waited another six hours before we were sent home. I had cancelled a lot of meetings and shifted a dozen appointments to go back to Canaanland, Ota. I was so thoroughly washed down by that second disappointment.

It then happened for the third time before my wife stopped talking me into going again. She allowed me to make my decision. I had had enough. I went home and got busy. I neither called the bishop during this my period of total hands-on-ministry, nor went to see him again. I simply bought all his books, and a thousand tapes of the bishop. I read the books till they became a part of me. I listened to the tapes at home, in the office, and when I’m driving. I soaked myself in the work of the ministry. We started many projects in our church, including setting up schools, orphanages, and the Daystar Leadership Academy. I didn’t bother to call nor try fixing another appointment with his PAs.

imageSix months later, we met at the domestic wing of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, and you should have seen the look of surprise and happiness at the same time on the bishop’s face.

“This my son. Where on earth have you been?” Did you travel to Mars?” He hugged me so tight as if his life depended on it. He was all smiles. He started asking me questions about how ministry has been going, and I answered excitedly, with all the clarity he wanted.

We found a seat in the lounge and talked for about 30 minutes; because the flight was delayed by 30 minutes. He kept asking questions and I kept talking.

The next day, the bishop called me. He called me again after three days. From then on, seeing him became less cumbersome. That was how I became a regular keynote speaker at the Covenant University Special Programmes on Character Development and National Transformation.

Today, the bishop pubicly refers to me as one of his favourite sons in ministry, and our ministry has grown in leaps and bounds because I sense the same grace upon the bishop operating in our ministry too.

Deep calls unto deep. Men of destiny, men of purpose, men who are busy and occupied with their primary assignment on the earth can easily recognise themselves across a hall when they meet.

All things being equal, busy people love busy people. Busy people rarely love to associate with, or accomodate people who slow down their momentum.

So whenever you find yourself complaining about an apperant lack of attention from a busy person, the solution is to just go and get busy with your life and assignment. First of all, discover your specific assignment, your niche, and grow in your influence. Get busy!

This is because recognising each other when you’re both at the top is far easier and effortless than recognising each other at the crowded ground level. The high decibel of noise and purposeless activity of the crowd at the ground level, comprising of people of all sort of character and orientation will never allow that to happen.

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