Why I Will Not Shed A Tear For Dasuki – Maiwada Dammallam

In reaction to a cowardly Sambo Dasuki claim, as the former NSA cracked so easily under minute pressure, saying:

“I gave my best to this transition which led to the victory of the opposition over the ruling Party”.

Maiwada Dammallam said:
Of course you did sir. You were even captured on video in Sokoto with a group of improvised marabouts praying for the success of the deadly PDP. Nigerians were sure those prayers were for the success of the opposition not the ruling Party which covert operations you were alleged to have supervised and financed from the NSA’s office while playing acrobatics with the defence budget.

It’s obvious Oga Sambo didn’t know that his nocturnal visitations to traditional rulers – part of his efforts “to give his best to the transition that led to the victory of the opposition” was captured and reported to the public in real-time, sometimes complete with amounts of his “drops” which were mostly rejected even by “Dogarawa”. Someday, somebody may trigger his memory to recollect what happened in Gwandu and Sokoto when he went calling. For now, let’s concentrate on what should constitute his today’s worries.

Perhaps, not being so privileged and blue blooded like Sambo, if I’m in his shoes I will be worried with details of multi-trillion Naira budgetary spending in 3 years under his watchful eyes with nothing to show but a significant chunk of Nigeria conceded to a ragtag army of untrained militia. I will be more worried with the circumstances that left Nigeria with dysfunctional, visibly pregnant and embarrassingly ineffective army chiefs who seemed more at home supervising multi-billion Naira private estates in Abuja than supervising troops in Maiduguri and Damaturu.

Dasuki claimed he was “fair” to all even when he had security cause to act on inflammatory comments about the government of the day (GEJ’s government). I wish he wasn’t. I wish he deployed the powers of his office to react to the “inflammatory comments” about GEJ’s government – comments he seem so shy to tell the public even when doing so could cheaply earn him public sympathy. Perhaps, then I will feel no restriction asking him why he remained aloof about thugs like Asari Dokubo and con artists like Pastor Oritsejafor. We may even ask him why he was silent when Marilyn Oga was busy reducing the DSS into an arm of the PDP he “worked against” to give the opposition victory over the ruling Party.

With minimum knowledge of the law of Karma, Dasuki should have licked his wounds in silence considering the fact that he remained stone silent when the same DSS was persecuting members of the opposition he “silently worked to give victory” like Malam Nasir El-Rufai. We are not talking about new laws for the DSS. Just talking about a DSS with a new purposeful leadership with visible intent to restore the lost respectability of a bastardized government institution.

Ok, we heard the operatives invaded and ransacked his residences, something that broke the heart of his ailing father who is in a London hospital. I believe that story was cooked up to gain sympathy. Still, I don’t expect a retired Colonel even of a ragtag army to be so womanly no matter how desperate the situation, the least of all Sambo Dasuki who was part of the team that went and arrested President Buhari after he was toppled in 1985. I’m sure Dasuki was privy to subsequent invasions of PMB’s residences that caused unforgivable lost of valuables including certificates – part of which was used to unleash a shameless campaign against PMB’s educational qualification only recently without Dasuki raising a finger to put the records straight because he was busy trying to shift the original date of an election the PDP was obviously going to lose.

By the way, did somebody tell Dasuki PMB didn’t have a mother back then whose heart was broken by the travails of her son? Sambo may never know the pain of being locked-up and refused a visit to an ailing mother and subsequent denial of attending her funeral. Haba! Somebody should be a man and save us the “heart melting” tears of a male adult who is sleeping on a bed he made with his hands to suit his comfort. If I’m Daduki, I will use the opportunity to review the chapters I missed in the book of life especially, the most important chapter dealing with the law of karma.

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