65th Posthumous Birthday: Children Celebrate Captain Hosa Okunbo

On Saturday, January 7, 2023, torrents of tributes poured in from family, friends, associates and well wishers to celebrate the 65th posthumous birthday of Captain Hosa Idahosa Okunbo, the billionaire business magnate, investor, philanthropist and trained commercial pilot. 

Captain Idahosa or “Cappi” (as he was fondly called by family and friends), died on Sunday, August 8, 2021, and was buried on Friday, October 9, 2021 in Benin City, Edo State. He was born to a distinguished clergyman and community leader, where he imbibed the values of community service and benevolence. He rose from these humble beginnings to become a great Iroko tree that sheltered the lives of many.

On the occasion of his 65th posthumous birthday, his children penned a touching tribute to him, in a statement they personally signed and in some newspaper adverts. 

Below is the full text of the tribute: 

Happy 65th Posthumous Birthday To Our Loving Father Captain Hosa Okunbo In Heaven 

Dear Capi,

The heavens are not far enough to make us forget your big birthday.

Missing you on this special day, Capi
Today marks another year celebrating your birth, but you were not here be. cause you are now present with the lord of the universal. We all wish you are alive. We miss you, Captain Hosa Okunbo. And we are still emotional to believe that you were dead.

Celebrating the birthday of someone like you is worthy of honour because you lived a life well-spent. You impacted people with your wealth and knowledge. Your handsome smile was a symbol of hope and resilience to people who needed it. Your kind gesture was incomparable because you were always helping the old and the young.

You are still a big part of the Okunbo's family. It is not easy now that you had gone but every night, your friends and all good wisher say a prayer for you.

We miss you. Your demise was something we never wish to experience. It pains our hearts. It makes us grieve that an enigma had gone to a celestial.

To die is every man's choice, but we never pray that yours would come early. We wish you were here to celebrate your sixty-five birthday with us.

We want you to know that even though you are no longer here with us in human flesh, we keep you in our souls. We reminisce about your memo-ries. Those eventful times you spent with us, and how you taught us about life and your doggedness to work. Those fun days can't be erased from our memories. There were just so many lessons that you taught us and we always reflect on them because you were rare when it comes to life's phi-losophy.
The German theologian, Martin Luther, says that every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying. To be honest, before your own demise, you did your own believing and death met you well. You preached the words of God and you taught us our lord's prayer and how to be obedient to the words of God.

Your life was indeed a reflection of joy.
As a successful entrepreneur, you gave back to humanity. You established businesses across all facets before death took you away gently from our beautiful eyes. Meanwhile, as you are not here with us, we are sending you the most expensive gift in heaven. And we imagine you are here by decorating the venue of your birthday with sophisticated chandeliers.

Nevertheless, the British poet, Dylan Thomas' poem, do not go gentle into that good night says a lot about your demise. The British poet says " Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright/ Their frail deed might have danced in a green bay/Rage, rage against the dying of the light. This particular threnody talks about your existence as a man of virtue and you contributed immensely to the growth of the nation through your hard work, disci-pline, and perseverance.

We know you as a man who never lost his humility. And your love for people was evident in your philanthropy and in the several callings you championed over the course of your life.
Your illustrious achievement in the global aviation sector is something everybody will reckon with. You rose to fame early enough and retired as a commercial pilot early enough. Your life sojourn is worth imitating because you lived a fulfilled life.

As today sets to be your birthday, we pray that God forgives your sins and grants you eternal rest in heaven. We miss you affectionately, Cappi.

Keep sleeping well by the blossom hands of the angels.

We have the assurances that Hosa never dies because we shall meet again at the resurrection morning.

Thank You Daddy 
Your loving children 


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