Adamu and The Prize of Treachery


One of my favourite Yoruba adage is that which says: “Ti eniyan ba’n yo’le da, oun buruku a ma yo w’on se.”

For my non-Yoruba speaking folks, maybe this simple translation will suffice. “Anyone who delights in stealthy betrayal is certain to experience insidious misfortunes.” I only made an effort.

A certain presidential hopeful in the ruling APC, had recruited the ousted APC chair, Abdulahi Adamu, using a popular Senator from Borno State to facilitate the recruitment. Adamu never intended to be APC chairman.

He was, in fact, drafted into the field to drive the reconciliation of the many tendencies in the APC at the time, an assignment he had already begun to discharge, in the lead-up to the national convention of the APC.

As planned, he was sold to then president through the Borno Senator, the one often identified with the Boko Haram sect, and the deal was sealed, signed, and delivered.

President Muhammadu Buhari approved of it. He didn’t stop there. He also gave Adamu the powers to source for a presidential candidate for the party, with NEC power handed him for 90 days. What a wawu!

Those who brought him in had thought it was game over. With such powers in his hands, it was just for him to deliver on his brief. Little did they know that power had changed hands, and he was no longer the Adamu they used to know.

Adamu, contrary to the mood of the nation, wanted another northerner to succeed Buhari and so, he sold the Ahmad Lawan option, which unfortunately, Buhari had initially bought into before the then SGF, Boss Mustapha, foiled the 11th hour coup, after explaining to Buhari the implications of such an option.

“This will destroy the party. It is already late in the day. In fact, they had broached the idea with me, and I said it would not fly,” he was said to have told the president, and frankly too.

It was then Garba Shehu, a presidential spokesperson, was made to issue a statement, saying Buhari had no choice candidate after the speculation about Lawan being the anointed one, had gone viral, a few hours to the presidential convention.

The key message: Adamu forgot completely how he became chairman in the first place. His clanishness and narrow-mindedness overwhelmed him, and he betrayed the trust of those, who gave him the platform, forgetting also how much must have been spent on his chairmanship project.

He, therefore, didn’t get over the fact that Tinubu not only clinched the ticket of APC but went on to become the president. This mental defeat had been responsible for his missteps, which unfortunately has been putting him in opposing side to the president.

In all, perhaps, God wanted to teach everyone a lesson, and one after the other, they all seem to be learning in a hard way. But the good news: The learning curve isn’t done yet.

Miracle no dey tire Jesus. 

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