Before They Kill Rotimi Amaechi By Kayode Ogundamisi

imageNot seen many people give Rotimi Amaechi the credit he deserves, efforts must be made to protect him as he’s a sure a target 4 PDPgoons.
What Governor Rotimi Amaechi did was very unusual, he could have compromised with Goodluck Jonathan and continued with business as usual under the excuse of the ‘Our Son good or bad’ Nigerian syndrome. But Amaechi chose country before sectional interest, now Governor elect Wike is going on a campaign of hatred in the South South, mobilising militants and portraying Amaechi as a ‘traitor and betrayal of the South South’ in one of his campaigns Wike branded Amaechi a ‘VULTURE’ in the South South it is ominous. We owe it to Amaechi to keep him and others around him safe, citizens in the South South should be free to support parties of their choice without the fear of being molested. Sadly a number of Nigerians who are not as well known as Amaechi have been killed during the process, we owe it to them to protect and guarantee the safety of both Amaechi and the unknown Amaechi’s.

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