Blooming Into A New Season


I was asked to get to the studio at 10am. I was there at 9.50am. The plan was to do hair and make-up, then selection of outfits and accessories. This was my third photo shoot with the extraordinarily talented TY Bello – celebrity photographer, singer, producer, proud mother of twins. I did my first shoot with her in 2011 and then 2018.

On the morning of March 24th 2023, I thought I knew the drill with TY. Five years is a long time in the life of a creative person. TY was always on another level as a photographer but what she did on that day left me and my team awestruck.

Not only did she battle the hairstylist and make-up person till they got the right look, she kept reeling out one prop after the other. The first thing she said to me was, ‘This shoot has to be special, you are celebrating a milestone’. I went with the flow because I am always open to new and interesting things. She brought out two sets of flowers for two white outfits I wore and she said, ‘This is a new season for you. That is what these symbolise’.

When I got the photographs, I cried. Not because of how pretty I looked in them, but because I was grateful to be able to mark such a milestone in good health and with no crisis looming over me and my family. I did another photoshoot with Korede Olabanji known as PhotoNimi, and his photographs were also a wonder to behold.

Sixty years. I am grateful for all the blessings I have received. I will never take them for granted. I still have a long way to go, but I am glad for where this journey has taken me so far. My deep gratitude to all my family and friends from all over the world who have made me feel so special at this time. Thank you for making me think about what a new season means.

A season for laughter and joy

For love and happiness

Freedom from anxiety and worry

Gratitude for the small things that always add up

A season of preparation

A season of reflection

A season of insight

What is gone is gone

What is done is done

This season is for moving forward

For carrying and owning my own bags

Packed full of goodness, grace and blessings

For leaving stuff that is not mine behind

All those things that go bump in the night

They can scare the six or sixteen-year-olds

Not this sixty-year-old

I move

Not sluggishly dragging my feet

Head bowed in fear

Cowering in uncertainty

Full of doubts and second guessing


I strut, I march, I dance, I leap,

Straight into my new season

Head held high

Hands on my hips

Back and shoulders up

Blooming like the most vibrant of special flowers

Blooming in ways that make dark places yield to the light

Blooming with the grace of Almighty God

Blooming. Into my new season.

– Above Whispers

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