Celebrating Mike Awoyinfa at 70

Mike Awoyinfa’s name is synonymous to journalism and a resonate in tabloid.A man whose style of writing is captivating and can always hold his readers captive , until the whole piece is devoured to the last word.

A man who is a King and ruler of the tabloid! A man that brought pen revolution to newspaper industry in Nigeria with the evolution of the famous Weekend Concord! A tabloid that promoted human angle stories and with such creative effort, transformed the Nigerian Newspaper industry especially being that, other Newspapers followed suit with weekend titles. A subtle revolution one can say!
Uncle Mike as I fondly call him, brought creativity in crafting scintinlating headlines which made the Weekend Concord Newspaper a delight of newspaper vendors who even used the tabloid to sell others.
Uncle Mike is at home in handling issues in sports, entertainment and the literary world. With his mastery of language, he brought out compelling characters and their follies to illustrate his subject in focus. He is the undecorated Professor of Journalism and the Chancellor, Mike Awoyinfa University of Journalism having his graduands doing very well and spread across various print outlets. In any case, you can’t come out of this ‘varsity’ and be a road side Journalist.

I join the world to celebrate you today bro on the occasion of your 70th birthday, a man with Midas touch! May God continue to keep and sustain you always!

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