CHRICED Mourns Raheemat Momodu, Says Her Death A Monumental Loss For Development Sector

The Board of Directors and Secretariat of the Resource Centre for Human Rights & Civic Education (CHRICED) deeply mourns the death of frontline journalist, gender and human rights activist, Ambassador Raheemat Omoro Momodu. Raheemat’s painful demise is a monumental loss to Nigeria’s civic and development community.

Her death further depletes the rank of conscious, committed and passionate activists and development experts whose wealth of experience is direly needed at this point in the evolution of our country and its troubled democracy.

Raheemat was one of those activists who strongly believed in organizing and bringing people together to tackle the challenges facing Nigeria. She wasn’t only committed, she was an epitome of resilience, and dedication to professional excellence.

As a journalist, more so as a former Chairperson of the National Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), Raheemat put her pen to work in the service of society, particularly in promoting human rights, democratic values and social justice.

Even after making the switch from journalism to full scale development work, Raheemat remained dedicated to the cause of working for the good of society, not just within Nigeria, but across the West Africa sub-region.

As Head of Human Security and Civil Society at the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), this patriotic Nigerian worked tirelessly to promote the good of fellow human beings by advocating for human rights, democracy and accountable governance.

Until her death, Ambassador Raheemat was the President of United States International Visitors Leadership Program Alumni Association (IVLP, Nigeria).

CHRICED extols late Raheemat’s sterling record of service to God and humanity. She was indeed someone who inspired hope about the possibilities of a new brand of leadership in Nigeria, which is driven by love for fellow citizens, excellence and patriotism.

In this most challenging time for Raheemat’s family, loved ones, and colleagues, all of us at CHRICED pray the Almighty God will give everyone the strength to cope with this great loss. We similarly pray for the repose of Raheemat’s gentle and amiable soul.

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