GUBER POLL: Low Turnout Was Caused By ‘Vaudeville of Ratiocination’ – Patrick Obahiagbon

imageEdo State Chief of Staff, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon, in this interview with Comfort Oseghale, speaks on the general elections.

How would you assess the conduct of security operatives during the polls?

The conduct of security operatives in the Assembly elections was certainly an amelioration on their performance two weeks ago in Edo State but the same cannot be said of their modus operandi across the length and breadth of the country. They certainly crossed the line of constitutionalism and democratic propriety in states like Rivers, Akwa Ibom and some others, which is certainly depreciable and outrageously despicable.

What would you say was responsible for the low turnout of voters last Saturday?

I’m sure the low voter turnout could be attributable to a vaudeville of ratiocinations. The presidential election attracted more voters ostensibly because that was the political elephant and was therefore occasioned with anttendant publicity ballyhoo. A vast majority of Nigerians were also righteously indignant of the state of economic quagmire, political phantasmagoria and social disequilibrium the philistine and clueless government of President Jonathan has plummeted the country.

They saw in the presidential election a sui generis opportunity to get the yoke off their back and that they did ferociously. This passion was not as frenzied in the last election.

What’s your assessment of yesterday’s polls where APC emerged winner?

I’m not at all in the least surprised as to the marvelous performance of the APC at the polls in Edo State yesterday and this is because it’s a further reconfirmation of the fact that the Edo people are forever grateful to the comrade governor for his tireless and irrefragable efforts in the concrete fructification of the dividends of democracy.

The massive pulverisation of the opposition strongholds demonstrates beyond doubts that the Edo people are no longer prepared to go to Egypt, their political path and that of the comrade governor having utilitarianly intersected at political Damascus.

What effect will the current results have on Edo State’s governorship elections next year?

Of course it is clear now that the political hands and legs of the comrade governor are indubitably strengthened to now guide and guard the succession process to safe destination without fear or favour and let or hindrance.

Edo State is certainly now a one-party state and with the APC in control of federal suzerainty, the comrade governor has become the ultimate godfather of Edo politics but a political godfather guided by conscience, the public good and our collective morality and I wish him well in the days ahead.

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