Lagos Cannot Feed Hungry PDP-Trained Appetite – Ayo Obe

imageThere has been some suggestion that the Presidential result in Lagos State shows that the PDP’s Jimi Agbaje is really in with a chance to become Governor.

But the joke on social media is that Lagosians must never be crazy enough to hand their state over to PDP at the exact moment when its greedy treasury-looters have just had their access to the Federal Government’s coffers cut off! Lagos cannot feed their appetites o!

Of course, the people whose only purpose in life is to say “Black” when Tinubu says “White” will claim that he has been draining Lagos State revenues into his pocket. While we can assume that if there was really any criminal behaviour, the PDP would have brought charges against Tinubu by now; we can also say that if Tinubu has an appetite, Lagos can cope with it. And anyway, did anyone think that rescuing the elections of Oshiomole, Mimiko, Fayemi and Aregbesola from Maurice Iwu’s electoral fraud, winning Oyo and Ogun States, cobbling different parties together to form APC, building it up into a formidable opposition party and positioning it for a hugely successful election campaign – did anyone think all that was done on fresh air?

Please, this is a time for consolidation in Lagos State. It has been denied its due for so long by the Federal Government (you need only see the condition of the road leading from MMIA to understand how spiteful the FG has been) yet it has not crumbled. But is this the time to deprive Lagos State of the benefits of being able to relate to a progressive government at the centre by choosing to vote in PDP as some kind of consolation prize for losing Aso Rock? If Lagos State has to cater to hungry PDP chieftains who will no longer have Bank FGN as their ATM, then it will not just be a case of going back to square one, it will be a case of being completely off the board! No, this is the time to allow the State to realise its full potential with a friendly government at the centre.

However fine a gentleman Jimi Agbaje is, however much we ‘know’ him, he went into the PDP on his own. So the people running for the House of Assembly on the platform of the PDP are not his people: they belong to Bode George and Musiliu Obanikoro, and it is they and the PDP that will dictate the tune, who he must have as his Commissioners etc.

The pro-Jonathan camp was always repeating the false claim that Tinubu would be running the Federal Government if Buhari were to win. That was nonsense because Buhari came into APC with his own party and his own stalwarts, and because APC is a coalition of progressives, not a gathering of masters and servants. But can we say the same about Jimi Agbaje in PDP? What individual clout does he have in that party? He was the Afenifere candidate for governor in 2007. Has he carried any of them along into PDP with him?

Please, jokes aside. Vote for APC’s Akinwunmi Ambode as the next Governor of Lagos State on April 11th. We can’t afford the alternative

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