Makeup and Beauty Supremo, Banke Meshida Lawal Celebrates 43rd Birthday With Stunning Photo Shoot

One super celebrity, whose birthday celebration recently dominated the social mediasphere was Banke Meshida-Lawal, the Supremo of the Makeup industry in Nigeria and the brain behind BMPRO Line,

Although, Meshida-Lawal, who is on vacation in the United Kingdom, opted for a no-party affair, her colourful photoshoot, grabbed all the fanfare.

A makeup artist by default, Meshida-Lawal took lessons in Fine Arts from the age of eight after showing a keen interest in the arts. She studied English Language at the University of Lagos and graduated with a Second Class Honors in the year 2000. The First BMPRO Professional Makeup Studio was formally opened in 2002 on Rumens Road in Ikoyi Lagos. The Makeup line, BMPRO (Banke Meshida Professional Makeup) birthed in 2006 with 14 products in the line.
It was the first ever Nigerian makeup line of colour. This was a feat she achieved due to the inability of international brands to help create suitable makeup looks designed with the Nigerian culture and it’s peculiarities as the deciding factor.

BMPRO Makeup is created to deliver optimum results for the professional and amateur hand makeup user, especially in the the Nigerian hot and popular humid weather, a quality most international makeup brands do not posess. Today, BMPRO Makeup has over 80 products in the Nigerian market as well as distributors all over Nigeria, UK, USA, Ghana and Canada.

It’s success is based on the acceptance of its quality all over the world.

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