Meet Shaibu Husseini, New DG of The National Film and Video Censors Board

President Bola Tinubu has appointed journalist, performing artiste and communication lecturer Dr Shaibu Husseini as director-general of the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB).

Dr Husseini and 10 others were appointed new chief executive officers (CEOs) for agencies under the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy.

The 53-year-old is a film critic and one of the stakeholders in the creative industry having contributed immensely to its growth and development.

Shaibu Husseini has a PhD in mass communication from the University of Lagos. His PhD was on film studies as his thesis examined the “Structure of Film Production Companies in Nollywood”.

A seasoned theatre and film expert, he is an alumnus of the United States International Visitors Leadership Programme and the AIG-Public Leaders Programme of the Blavtanik School of Governance at the University of Oxford.

He was also a former secretary of the governing board of the National Theatre/National Troupe of Nigeria until he was appointed director of dance and music and also head of the strategic communication unit of the National Troupe of Nigeria.

He has also served as a jury and board member on local and international committees on festivals and awards including the Mainframe Film Institute run by filmmaker Tunde Kelani, the board of the In-short International Film Festival, the board of the Bank of Industry (BOI) and Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) founded by the late Peace Anyiam-Osigwe.

Shaibu is a senior teaching and research fellow at the mass communication department of the University of Lagos and he was a former member of the Nigeria Official Selection Committee (NOSC) charged with the responsibility of deciding Nigeria’s entry for the Best International Film category of the Oscars.

Tinubu appoints Shaibu Husseini, Ali Nuhu, Obi Asika heads of NFC, NFVCB, NCAC

Aside from being a voting member of the Golden Globes Award and a consultant to the Berlin International Film Festival, he has equally served as a resource person, and trainer in the field of theatre, culture and mass communication.

His book ‘Moviedom: The Nollywood Narratives’, was published in 2010.

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