Mr. President and His Agbada!


I am unpretentious about my love for our President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. So, I was first worried and then mad about his now viral “dobale” at the June 12 parade, yesterday. It wasn’t funny at all. Mercifully, he’s not hurt.

Now, time has come for him to jettison that parachute called Agbada. He’s not getting younger and doesn’t need the encumbrances that come with wearing that nonsense, regal and resplendent as he looks in them.

In actual fact, he equally looks cool in his two-piece collection, like the one he wore to meet US Secretary of State, David Blinken, as well as that with the ruler of the UAE. They are definitely smarter and easier to wear, remove and navigate.

Please nobody should accuse me of trying to create business for Ethelberts Clothing. I’m more interested in the wellbeing of my leader. We need him to finish the great but onerous job he’s doing to rebuild and restore Nigeria within 8 years!

So, it’s time for someone in the Senate to expeditiously move for the abolition of the law which stipulates that he must wear a parachute, sorry Agbada, to state events. Baba could have hit his head on a metallic object, yesterday, and the story would have been different, God forbid.

On a more serious note, I’ve witnessed embarrassing and deadly falls at public events caused by the entrapment of this infamous item of clothing by chairs or tables or even the wearer’s shoes or a friend’s!

I remember one of my friends boldly stated in his 50th birthday invitation card: “No Agbada!” I know many found it funny and some ignored the “safety instruction”, but the Omoluabi elected to break with tradition to avoid such situations as the one at Eagle Square yesterday.

Enough is enough!!!

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