Radio Biafra Founder, Nnamdi Kanu Is A Fraudster – Ex-lover, Chioma Amaryllis Speaks

Chioma Amaryllis
Chioma Amaryllis
Chioma Amaryllis, a former PR Coordinator for Radio Biafra and former girlfriend to the founder of Radio Biafra, has produced a startling video.

According to her, Radio Biafra is a fraud developed by Nnamdi Kanu to make money from Ndi-Igbo using Biafra.

Ms. Amaryllis listed lies and misappropriation of funds as some of the reasons why she left Biafra.
In her testament, she alleged that Mr. Kanu is misleading gullible Igbos around the world by collecting huge sums of money from them to sustain his playboy lifestyle.

She further alleged that Mr. Kanu is in total control of all the money coming in. He is the company director, money holder, treasurer, and accountant of the pirate radio.
“I am Chioma Amaryllis I live in the USA but I am from Mbaise in Imo State, a proud Igbo woman. I had a relationship with Nnamdi Kanu as he presented himself to me in the US as a single man. I hope that the point I am trying to make about Nnamdi Kanu will take precedence. I am telling the truth about Nnamdi Kanu & Radio Biafra as I saw it and closely witnessed”

“It is easy enough to live in Malasia, China, Japan, Indonesia and donate money to Radio Biafra”
“I bought and paid my ticket from the USA to Nigeria for Radio Biafra to see things for myself”
“I was donating my savings in the USA to Radio Biafra for defence & all forms of funds”

“As Nnamdi Kanu’s girlfriend I went to Nigeria myself I wanted to see what Biafra was about”
“It is not enough for Ndi Igbo’s to get excited by someone you hear on the radio, verify”

“I don’t want Igbo’s in diaspora to believe me, buy your ticket like I did and see Nnamdi’s lies. Go back home to Igbo Land and do your investigations, don’t be deceived”

“Money was being collected by Nnamdi Kanu, huge money from genuine people & misappropriated,” she said.

Nnamdi Kanu collected huge donations to build a cenotaph for Ojukwu but never did. A lot of donations to Biafra went down the drain & I have a right to speak out because I contributed.”

“When Nnamdi Kanu asked for $8 million to start in 2014, I took a step back knowing Ojukwu used his own money for Biafra. I am unhappy people are being tricked to donate money using Biafra as a cover.”

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