Sanwo-Olu Sues For Calm

Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has called on the people of the state to be calm and eschew any act that can lead to breakdown of law and order.

According to the Lagos State governor, “We have got reports of friction in some parts of Lagos this morning. All is calm now. There is no need for violence, which is not part of our culture. 

“I urge all Lagosians to go about their businesses without any fear of harassment. Law enforcement agencies have been asked to ensure that there is no breakdown of law and order in any part of the state. 

“I have been your Governor for almost four years, promoting harmony and friendship across ethnic and religious lines without any form of discrimination whatsoever. Let us remain calm. All will be well. We are a peaceful people and so we shall remain,” the said. 

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