The APC Puppet Masters


The APC puppet masters are certainly onto a political game of egregious mischief, with the way they are encouraging every Tom, Dick and Harry to join the presidential race, including the gentleman the party toppled in 2015.

At the last count, 26 people want to succeed Muhammadu Buhari and we are still counting.

The game being played sounds deja vu, just like the way Babangida taunted the political class in 1992/93 dangling the presidential carrot to every one.

Babangida at the end of the day dribbled himself into a corner and committed a historic and grievous error of annulling MKO Abiola’s election.

The rest is history.

This is 2022, the political puppet masters appear not to have learnt any lesson.

The herd of politicians, some of whom cannot win their wards are dancing to the tune of the puppeteers.

Is it not crazy so many people want to be president?

Not even in America, bigger than Nigeria many times, do we have this madness we are witnessing in APC.

But like in 1992/93, I can predict all these schemings will reach their denouement and collapse like Babangida’s.

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