The ELITES Celebrates Lady Doja Otedola at 91 

Happy 91st Birthday to Lady Christine Adedoja Otedola, the grand matriarch of the Otedola family. She is a living icon of our time and a woman who can be described as “the iconic face of motherhood in post-Independence Nigeria”. 

Graceful, confident, peaceful, dignified, exuding an old world charm are some many words that could describe charming Lady Doja Otedola, who is the wife of former Lagos governor, Sir Michael Otedola, a man fondly called “That Lagos May Now Excel”. Of course, she is the mother of billionaire philanthropist, Femi Otedola.

The seasons pass, but she remains grand, like the nurturant guardian whose tenderness and warmth bless the land. In 91 years, she has blossomed into a woman of affluence and integrity. Ninety-one may be a tiny fraction of time, yet she looms large across generations into eternity. The story of her exquisite womanhood resonates with a pleasant peal.

A woman with strong family ties, Mama Otedola remains concerned for the welfare of her people and her community. She is indeed a matchless centurion, still going strong at 91. 

May God continue to bless and preserve you, Ma! Amen. 

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