The ELITES Publisher Releases New Book On Adenuga

Celebrity journalist and publisher of The ELITES Magazine, Kemi Akinyemi, has released another treasure, this time a coffee table book on the inspirational life of foremost industrialist, philanthropist, communications guru, sports financier and Chairman of Globacom Telecommunications Dr Mike Adenuga. The book, titled: ADENUGA: The Inspiring Chronicle of A Business Colossus, is being released to commemorate his 70th birthday.

Akinyemi, a seasoned journalist and former assistant editor of TheNEWS, who has carved a niche for herself both in the media and public relations world, in her introduction described Adenuga as God’s greatest gift to Nigeria. 

According to her, this book is about a man who is not just a study in perserverance and determination but whose aspirations are aimed at bettering the lots of Nigerians on one hand, and Nigeria as well as the international community on the other.

That indeed is the summary of what this inspirational 270-page colourful book tells us, about a man who from a very humble background rose to the top through solid personal achievements, in spite of the stumbling blocks he had to overcome. 

Indeed, all the distinguished personalities from across the globe who have extolled Adenuga’s sterling virtues in the book can’t be wrong.

Akinyemi wrote: “In most of the felicitations, there is a general consensus that Adenuga is a source of inspiration to the people of Nigeria and the outside world alike, and all his aspirations are aimed at bettering the lots of Nigerians on one hand, and Nigeri a and the international community on the other.

She also wrote: “His generosity has not gone unnoticed even though most of the time he gives behind the scene, a rare attribute absent among a typical Nigerian, whether as a businessman, politician or religious leader. 

“A big lesson to learn from the story of Adenuga is that perseverance pays. A setback in business or other aspects of life is not the end of the world but a stepping stone to a bigger level, so when you fall or fail, stand up, dust up and try again.”

Mr Mike Awoyinfa, veteran journalist, prose stylist, author and former editor of Weekend Concord also encapsulates Adenuga’s rare virtues in his Foreward.

He wrote: “This is the story of passion, resilience, perseverance, and determination to be at the top and remain there. This is the story of a man  who from small beginnings built himself to stay at the pinnacle of his undertakings. His remaining there, is not only for his own benefit or that of his immediate family, but to rub off on the present and future generations.

“This book therefore, aside from celebrating an achiever and perfectionist, can be termed a handy instrument for those who want to achieve their dreams, irrespective of the obstacles on their road to success.”

Akinyemi confirmed that this book which is at once celebratory and inspirational, was published during Adenuga’s 70th birthday celebration last April. 

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