Time To Declare Emergency In Power Sector Is Now – Peter Obi

The Chairman of the occasion and our dear President, Kabiyesi, your Excellencies, let me stand on all existing protocols.

Well, mine is a very simple one. First, I want to say big congratulations on your birthday Dele Momodu, and thank you for what you did here because until you said it when we came in here, we were wondering what happened to this place. It’s unfortunate that you have to be the one to change this place rather than Nigeria. So, thank you very much for that contribution. He’s the one who changed the carpet and everything. And that’s how Nigeria works, lack of maintenance. So, it’s important that is noted, and thank you for showing that we need to maintain a place because like you said you shouldn’t have been the one doing it. We must learn to maintain before we build a new one. We should stop building new ones until we finish the existing ones.

Number two, I thank the guest lecturer for what you did and what you said. Thank you. When the former President of Ghana said they’re generating and distributing 5,000 megawatts I was wondering if Ghana with one-seventh of our population probably generates and distributes more than us, I was doing the calculation and we’re discussing with former Governor Duke, that we must declare an emergency in power.

The way to go is very simple, embedded power and insist on gas supply. We have gas. We have it all over the place. Yes, we need the dollars, but I think making Nigeria more productive and pulling our people out of poverty, especially in the North will give us far more value and dollars than focusing on exports.

I think it’s time to declare an emergency. Geometrics has shown in Aba that embedded power will help us in that emergency. We should encourage it all over Nigeria.

Thank you.

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