When Adeleke Farts, By Sam Omatseye

He was addressing a rally in what should have been a holy attire. What came out of Ademola Adeleke had no holy mission before his adoring followers. His lips violated his white cap and white tunic.

He was in his element as a political never-do-well. He did not tell his people he wanted to change their lives in education or health care, or he was going to lift the profile of governance from the vanity of his owambe dance. He went venal with world currencies.

You might have thought he wanted to say something that would ennoble a human soul when, with a mien of casual self-righteousness, he yelled in Yoruba, “E ni su-uru,” that is, “be patient and listen to me.” Rather, he farted from his lips. “It is not just Naira,” he emitted, dismissing the local currency as if the beating it has received from Uncle Mefi’s CBN was not enough.

He was going for the kill. He was going global to spend dollar, pounds and Euros in the upcoming governorship polls where he will try to fight the gentle but redoubtable records of a performer in Governor Gboyega Oyetola. He wore a pair of dark goggles like a Mafiosi revving the partisan conscience of his inner circle. He had the swagger of a loser spoiling for another disaster.

The people want his money, not his dance. Or maybe they will enjoy the prancing spectacle of his elderly waist onstage. Maybe Davido, who echoed his “fire for fire,” could strum his uncle into another alawada fiesta. But when it comes to who will make decisions for Osun lives, let his swagger begone.

It is no comedy matter, no time to insult the stock exchange. He cannot turn a serious election into an Obi Cubana show. Even that fellow saw my chiding, and has started to do good charity. Learn, Senator Adeleke, learn!

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